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Do we encourage ill planned pregnancy or judge the 'choice'? No:

When a woman thinks she is facing a dead end, what is Christian about letting her race headlong into it and telling her that she is making "a choice"?

Provide resources. Demonstrate an adoptive attitude towards God's kids & moms.

"Taking care" of the natural result of human passion is tragic. If you want to make God laugh, make plans. Planning parenthood isn't entirely unpractical BUT "Life is what happens when your making plans" so don't EXPECT total power with that kind of decision making. That will only lead to tradgedy. Post Abortion Stress Syndrome, a form of P.T.S.D., is compleately real and 100% unnecessary.

A Mission For LIFE

REALITY CHECK: Sunday morning Mass isn't preventing the 1/3 of abortions produced by Saturday nights porn-tolerant culture. The Gospel teaches human error, if OPEN to God's artistry, can convert mortal tradgedy into an awesome divine masterpiece (with a touch of romantic comedy!). Secular culture reruns a staged, lame fairytale of true love, which, if left to God is a drama that is LIVE, unedited & 100% REAL. Mans impromptu efforts, if done to honor God, accomidate His plans: the unpredictably original life He has in store for our fallen human nature, risen above to what is divine! Belive in miracles. Overcome the lukewarm attitude of neglecting a call to HOLY LOVE. Connect the provision of God's life-saving grace to the panicking mothers of those in the womb. THEY NEED JUSTICE. Empower YOUTH! God FORBID we neglect the freshest inspirations of God's LOVE! Our concieved DNA needs a lifetime of seeing God as a necessity, not the "necessity of choice."

Holy Family

Support a resource center ad in the advertising section see in the back of your Church bulletin. A regular CityOfAngels.US ad is a light. A recognizable light leading home. A minute of your time becomes a beacon of love, joy & HOPE to the needy. A printed 'thank you' to your business credits it with a tax-deductible write-off, & doubles as a tithe. The ad appears weekly & year-round (per merchant agreement). Planned Parenthood showcases itself as a 'fix' to kids in sex-ed classes in schools, while also reinforcing the tepid anti-'anti-abortion' citizen. Circumvent the fears of being 'too political' or 'divisive'! Save the shamed, those silently persuing a life-line. These are today's orphans & widows. No culture = no future. E-MAIL US: CLICK HEREmailto: Info@CityOfAngels.US


America once universally meant living the good life. Now, our vulnerable reproductive-class isn't bearing fruit, of which, the benefits & demands would be driving all socio-economic segments. These are now bursting bubbles: fantasies. A generational divide occoured PRE-1980's. Sex-for-fun was not so commercially driven. RESPONSIBILITIES were ASSUMED then, today it's sex, not family, driving competitive consumerism, & the new American dream of "free love." Porn, slavery & adultery result. Many Churches leave parents either clueless or helpless in preparing kids for the assualt. Outside of the Church, schools & social workers hand out condoms & promote "choice" as a response to teen pregnancy. Over 1/4 of American's under 35 has defaulted by "choice." Our population has begun a snowball into what will result in population free-fall. Repetitive division ensures core corrosion.



Though 2,000,000 American couples await a newborn to adopt, paying $10,000-100,00.00 in fees with no guarantee or trust, abortions go for $450.00 a pop. Abortionists are among a small handful of stake holders in a massive unincorporated trust called women's 'health care' making a mint off of fear & suffering. NOTHING compared to what those in the business of child care COULD make: 2,000,000 x $10,000 = $20 BILLION. Those who want a child CAN HELP those who are desperate with an uninended pregnancy. 1/10 of those would result in adoption. “Women denied abortions & who keep their babies eventually come around to accepting and even embracing their status as mothers. Only 5% say they still regret having to deliver their baby. Nine percent ultimately choose adoption.” (article by JOSHUA LANG, June 12, 2013, NY TIMES, ClickHere to read). However, women with no history of mental illness, will have a 70% higher rate of deliberately self-inflicting harm after having an abortion (than after delivering a child), according to a 1995 study by A.C. Gilchrist as reported in the British Journal of Psychiatry. They have a 6 times greater suicide rate, according to a 1996 study conducted in Finland by pro-'choice' researcher Mika Gissler, (released in the British Medical Journal). Helping mothers will annually increase the number of adoption-available newborns to over 65,250. hitTheTarget

Pro-'choice' Amanda Marcotte states: "It’s no doubt tempting for abortion opponents to cite the many stories of turnaway mothers [women denied abortions] who grew to embrace motherhood as a way to make their case for banning abortion. But bluntly put, what other option do these women have?" (article by JILL STANEK, ClickHere to read). Ads in magazines, billboards & Church bulletins direct women to provisions, security shelters, a surplus of life-giving options & facts soothing all concerns. Abortion is not liberation. Modern household appliances have done more to 'free' women that have abortion & abortifacents. Women have a 95% success rate of not only adjusting, but of benefitting from unintended pregnancy. Choice" is antithetical to a woman's life-giving infrastructure, & essential sexual core. Souls lost to the illusory 'luxury' of 'choice' could have been cured of P.A.S.S. via prevention. Starting as a realization of loss, P.A.S.S. is a progressive disease resutling in a mortifying emotional life-long paralysis if untreated. In God's hands there's no "need" for such products of despair. Justin Beiber's mom, Patty, was at-risk. She, thanks pregancy resource centers for saving her family. The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world! Counter the fear mongering of those who contend for crisis.

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Empower the abortion-at-risk to make wise decisions: FREE readily avialable: FOOD, child-rearing suppiles, health services, prenatal supplies & child-rearing classes!! 'Pro-adoption' means positive choices NOW, instead of coersion into "choice". TELL MAMA's they can live a life looking forward, not backwards in the rearview mirror.

Celebrate, welcome & cherish new arrivals!! This is not nearly as mad as thinking institutions can regulate human creativity, or that a mama's not good enough to deliver what "choice" trashes. It takes a village to raise a child. Any 'Doctor' can kill a miracle. Aint right! Abortions only ever contribute to a lower standard of living. The everywomen is often coerced by a careless intimate, with no afterthought from legal action groups. Ambitious career women fiercely defend 'choice,' blind to it's longterm impact.


Eunice Kennedy Shriver (JFK's sister), Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta listened to women instead of telling, or commanding to them their needs or responsibilities. As if individuals need to be told how to choose! Anti-abortionists defend the overwhelmed, those trapped in the headlights & sold into 'choice," as the "only" responsible or respectable action. Ads give a plan of action. Those not in crisis will know that if they find theselves once day being coerced into "choice," they have a sanctuary, a harbor, hope. 'Men of Goodwill' make a teddy bear of their neutral status; their silent compliance is an inconspicuous identifier to others who ignore exploit the at-risk.

Planned Parenthood in school means that pool of thought is under their influence. To think it doesn't impact purity is ignorant. Children are close to truth. If a being dependant on love is treated as an invasive threat and is aborted, the characteristic of malice legally defines that choice as murder. You can say a fetus is not alive, but that stifles honest discussion on the topic of in-utero development. Astute kids are affected by this blatant lie and are not as disturbed by the image of a dead fetus as they are by the sight of an adult looking the other way. Those who claim to love Jesus the most deny him the most when it comes to His cross.Teaching those so fresh from believing in fairy tales about "choice," blatantly mandates pre-teens ingest lies and ignore truth, breeding resentment, contempt, fear or indifference; a bitter pill we've inadvertently placed before them. Sensitive youth know they've been entrusted to the sterilizing "care" of 'Planned' Parenthood!. It is a Christian duty to lead our young people to safety. They will know the conspicuous difference between a monster-in-waiting, & a hero. Demonstrate a love for TRUTH: 1/3 American's will have a grandbaby aborted!

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CityOfAngels.us is a strategy of empowering mama's who have been used, rejected, and who are feeling helpless. Neither easy nor impossible, it is a transforming re-establishment of America to A CULTURE OF LIFE delivering every in-utero citizen to the opportunity of a loving heritage. A 180º from the threat of hopelessness to a Love Revolution which has faith, stays positive, and THINKS LIFE! Anti-abortion advocate Martin Luther King Jr clearly repeated Edmund Burke's statement: "All that is needed for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing." Sponsorship makes helping easy.

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Promote a woman's RIGHT TO LIFE.







What we look like in-utero is miraculous!







Ex-Planned Parenthood employee, Abbey Johnson saw; "A victim trying to escape in a horror movie," on the ultrasound screen








The fetus feels excruciating pain, & attempts to escape, as witnessed in babies 3 weeks old! Abortionists, preserving their lucrative trade, refuse to release the ultrasound footage. PROOF it is torture? One witness is Abby Johnson who describes the overwhelming horror of watching the abortion of a 13 week fetus.

She says: “ I was expecting to see what I had seen in past (diagnostic) ultrasounds.

…Usually…I’d first see a leg, or the head, or some partial image of the torso…but this time the image was complete...The cannula—a straw-shaped instrument attached to the end of the suction tube – had just been inserted into the uterus and was nearing the baby’s side.

It looked like an invader on the screen, out of place. Wrong. It just looked wrong...I couldn’t not watch. I was horrified, like a gawker slowing as he drives past some horrific automobile wreck –not wanting to see a mangled body, but looking all the same.

My eyes flew to the patient’s face; tears flowed from the corners of her eyes. I could see she was in pain. The nurse dabbed the woman’s face with a tissue. “Just breathe” the nurse gently coached her. “Breathe.” “It’s almost over,” I whispered. I wanted to stay focused on her, but my eyes shot back to the image on the screen.

At first, the baby didn’t seem aware of the cannula. It gently probed the baby’s side, and for a quick second I felt relief. Of course, I thought, the fetus doesn’t feel pain…as I’d been taught by Planned Parenthood. The fetal tissue feels nothing as it is removed…

The next movement was the sudden jerk of a tiny foot as the baby started kicking.. trying to move away from the probing invader. As the cannula pressed in, the baby began struggling to turn and twist away. It seemed clear to me that the fetus could feel the cannula and did not like the feeling.

And then the doctor’s voice broke through startling me. “Beam me up, Scotty,” he said lightheartedly to the nurse. He was telling her to turn on the suction… I had a sudden urge to yell, “Stop!” To shake the woman and say, “Look at what is happening to your baby! Wake up! Hurry! Stop them!” …I looked at my own hand holding the probe. I was one of “them” performing this act…

The cannula was already being rotated by the doctor, and now I could see the tiny body violently twisting with it. For the briefest moment it looked as if the baby were being wrung like a dishcloth, twirled and squeezed. And then the little body crumpled and began disappearing into the cannula before my eyes. The last thing I saw was the tiny, perfectly formed backbone sucked into the tube, and then everything was gone.”

(reference: http://hopeafterabortion.com/?page_id=843)

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